Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Promotional Strategy

To connect with interested Realtors and home Buyers we use a combination of traditional and social media marketing tactics to share the key benefits and features of your home. Tools include:
  • MLS® listing
  • Email marketing
  • Real estate mobile marketing through Street text
  • Website listing
  • Social media marketing through Facebook and Twitter
  • Google Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Real Estate Agent Tours

Strategic Advantage

When it comes to selling your home, having the right tools and Real Estate programs will make a big difference. Working with me ensures that your home receives the focused attention it deserves. Our hands-on approach means that we are present for all Showings, Open Houses, Inspections, and as your trusted Advisors we are available to address any questions during the sales process. We create long-term relationships with our clients and pay attention to the small details before, during, and after the sale of your home. I implement an array of streamlined Real Estate marketing tools to attract the right attention from prospective Buyers.

Pricing Expertise

Determining the sale price of your home is more than picking a number out of a hat. I develop a “marketable price” for your home — one that gets you the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Over pricing your home can create future difficulties as the listing has the potential to become stale. This can raise red flags with Buyers, which often results in price reductions. Being competitive and using advertising to spread the word about your listing can help drive interested Buyers to your home and get your home sold sooner.

Listing Brochure

As a key element of our strategic marketing plan for your home, we create a four page Brochure which contains professional photos, a professional floor plan, MLS® listing detail sheet, a map of the surrounding area and a detailed description of your home. This innovative marketing piece allows us to share key information in a focused and helpful document. For the first time home Buyer or the savvy Real Estate expert, each Buyer will leave your home with a handful of useful information that will surely stand out against the competition.

Detailed Floor Plan

Using laser technology through select companies, depending on availability, we provide a detailed floor plan of your home with precise measurements to incorporate into our four page brochure. As a home owner, it can confirm the size of your home accurately and clearly, while showing the layout and measurements to prospective Buyers. For those looking to renovate, this detailed drawing and accurate measurements offer a “different perspective” for Buyers to consider all the possibilities of your Furthermore, for legal representation this guarantees accuracy.

Social Media Campaign

As a key element of our strategic marketing plan for your home, we create a four page Brochure which contains professional photos, a professional floor plan, MLS® listing detail sheet, a map of the surrounding area and a detailed description of your home. Social media offers a way for us to connect and build relationships with possible Buyers. Through the use of Twitter and Facebook, we offer insights and information about the Real Estate market, Vancouver neighbourhoods and sales tips. Additionally, a Youtube video is designed and built specifically for your property, another way we reach out and build a community online for your listing.


Your listing will be posted on the Multiple Listing Service, and various other public websites to improve your chances of a successful sale. Your listing will not only include accurate information regarding your home, but also includes specific insight into the surrounding neighbourhood and what it has to offer. Additional links on your MLS® listing will also direct potential Buyers and Realtors to extra professional photos, virtual tours, and floor plan to give them access to the information they need to make an informed decision.

Video/Drone Tours

What could possibly be better than a customized video of your house to showcase it to potential Buyers? Outperform the competition with an all encompassing promotion of your home, property and neighbourhood! Nothing sells a lifestyle like some strong editing, capturing music and a great place.


I will create a pay per click campaign for your home. This is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to a specific website. We will research and implement targeted keywords to promote your home on the Internet, which will improve the overall views by prospective Buyers.

Agent’s Tour

The Agent’s Tour is an opportunity for Realtors to tour the area and preview new listings, price reductions, or homes that are looking to gain additional exposure. During the tour, the price, condition, and various other pricing factors are discussed, giving you immediate feedback from seasoned professional Realtors, who are taking time to view new listings in person.

Open Houses

An Open House is an optional opportunity to showcase your home to potential Buyers and Realtors. We will work to gain traffic for your Open House to attract as many potential Buyers as possible. In our experience, the real power of an Open House is based on having the house show ready and accessible. When it comes to showing your home, small details make a difference. Professionally installed sales signs are a small but important part of presenting your home in the right light.